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 Shiki Yuuki

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Taki Kudo

Taki Kudo

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PostSubject: Shiki Yuuki   Shiki Yuuki EmptyThu Dec 10, 2009 8:00 pm

Character's Name:Taki Kudo


Aspiration: I WANT TO BE LOYAL AND A FRIEND TO MY POKEMON!!! I ALSO WANT TO DOMINATE ALL THE GYMS AND BEAT MY Brother IN A GYM BATTLE ONE DAY.I want to learn more about my pokemon and one day be the champion.MY HEART IS BURNING WITH FIRE!!!!!(i know its a bad catch pharse)

Appearance:Stands at 5'7 a little skinny and has thin check bones.He has bright red hair with a touche of green dye on the top.He usaly wheres bright blue jeans with,Red shirt matching his hair.He sometimes has to where is retanier which can be a pain.

Biography: Shiki is a young trainner from sinnoh region when he was a baby his parents moved to isshu region takeing there important busniess to Huin city. Shiki grow up in Kanko town he didn;t have many friends mostly playing by himself. As you know when children are raised in isolated enviroment there not really intersted in making friends more keep to him self. Shiki parents worried will he ever make friends our even get a girl friend. So on shiki 13 birthday party Shiki got a present. He opened and to his shock it was a pokeball his parents told him he old enough to be a pokemon trainner.

Onside the pokeball was the grass snake Tsutaja! Shiki was so excited to have a cool new friend of his own he immeditaley wanted to play with tsutaja, but tsutaja had no interst. Most time tsutaja would ignore shiki and taunt him acting smug, Rich was normal for a tsutaja. Shiki keept trying and after a horrbile incident with a fire involing tsutaja saveing shiki life they became best friends and are determine to be become master! Shiki also one day found a injured kibago out side of his self! kibago are rare in the isshu region so finding one good fortune. Shiki nursed it back to health. Kibago a formed a bond with shiki and decided to stay with him.( yeah can;t wait that long to get it plus i did alot of route -_-). When taki had first optain his starter pokemon he thought oshawott was a really cute and cool pokemon but ultimaley he picked snivy. Pokabu was then taken by another trainner leaving Oshawott alone rembering how much taki liked hom Oshawott chased after him tell taki noticed he wanted to be with him. Professer Juniper said it was okay as long as Oshawott was happy.

Personality:Shiki has always had a happy life but prefers to keep to him selves he hardly talks to his friends but speaks when he feels like it's right.But when he in the tension of battle Shiki starts to brighthen up and talks well with his pokemon,easily coming up with a stargety.Ever since his got his first pokemon he tried to open up to people but fails alot.Feeling more comfrotbly with his Tsutaja.Note: the pokemon names will change when english comes out

Pokemon: Snivy Shiki Yuuki Tsutaja
Name: None
Gender: Male
Abilty: Contrary
Nature: Serious
Moveset: Slam, Leaf Tornado, Leaf Blade, Vine whip

Pokemon: Axew Shiki Yuuki 610
Nature: Adamant
Moves: Double Chop, Dragon rage, Dig, Leer

Pokemon: Pidove Shiki Yuuki 51910
Abilty: Super luck
Nature: Naughty
Moves: Attract,Quick Attack, Air cutter, Gust

Pokemon: Oshawott Shiki Yuuki 501-ani
Gender: Male
Moves: Razor Shell , Water gun, Tackle, Revenge
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Shiki Yuuki
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