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 Professor Araragi's Laboratory

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PostSubject: Professor Araragi's Laboratory   Professor Araragi's Laboratory EmptyTue Oct 26, 2010 7:59 pm

The clicking of high heels echoes off of the solid floors and through a seemingly empty laboratory as a middle aged woman maneuvers towards a desk and drops down into a brown leather swivel chair, its surfaces shined as if it were brand new. A stern look is projected on this woman's face as a tuft of blonde hair droops to cover her eye. She swiftly reaches up with both hands and grasps the majority of her locks with a tight grip to secure it in a bundle atop her head with a simple white hair tie. Although the sun has only just risen into the orange tinted morning sky, the room feels dark and dreary, allowing a pale blue light from the computer monitor to project itself upon the woman's rounded cheeks.

With a quick wipe of her palms along the length of her tight green skirt and a tug on the stiff collar of her flowing white lab coat that bends underneath her with the seated position she assumes, she gingerly places the tips of her fingernails against the buttons of a keyboard and begins to type away methodically. This is Professor Araragi's laboratory, possibly the most renowned Pokemon professor of the Isshu region, and the only female Professor from any region. She takes pride in the research she has contributed to the discovery of new species of Pokemon, and continues to work very hard each day for the sake of a better relationship between humans and Pokemon.

As the Professor translates a set of scratched notes to her computer in a matter of minutes, she places both palms against the hard edge of her desk and presses away firmly, the swivel chair rolling backwards from the force. She finally stands up in accomplishment with a wide grin upon her face. An elongated table displays three red and white colored orbs at the center of the room. These Pokeballs contain the three Pokemon given to starting trainers as an incentive to become a Pokemon master. These three Pokemon of fire, Grass, and Water types are: Pokabu, Tsutaja, and Mijumaro. New trainers could potentially make a visit to this very laboratory in hopes of beginning their journey today. Thus Araragi takes her position next to the table and eagerly awaits the young men and women with a charming air and smiling face.

Professor Araragi's Laboratory ArashiPlayerCard
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Professor Araragi's Laboratory
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