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 Catching Pokemon Rules

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Catching Pokemon Rules Empty
PostSubject: Catching Pokemon Rules   Catching Pokemon Rules EmptyThu Dec 10, 2009 8:06 pm

Alrighty, I will go through the "step process" of catching pokemon in this section. Because us mods don't want members RPGing and saying, "I found a pokemon, I attacked the pokemon, I used a pokeball and caught the pokemon, and it's super dooper amzeringly strong and stuff like that." So here are the rules:

1. The Setting: When RPGing, and one wants to catch a Pokemon, before entering a battle, one must set up what is known as "the setting." "The setting" MUST include where the trainer is, and what pokemon he or she is searching for. Also, "the setting" of the capture CANNOT exist in a town. Similar to the game, one can only catch Pokemon outside of cities and towns in the Routes. "The setting" MUST be in a creative RPG format. An example of this is as followed:

"After a tiring day of training, Draco decided to venture out of (Insert Town Name Here) because he was still on his search for a Budew. Ever since he was a kid, Draco always wanted a Budew in order to acquire a Roserade, so he strayed on the outside of the path was walking along, in hopes of comming across a Budew. Suddenly, a rustling was present in an oncoming bush. Preping for battle, Draco sent out Ceasar. "Ceasar, use water gun on that bush, I think there is a Pokemon in there." His Mudkip released a watery blast, and staggering out of the bush, much to Draco's luck, was a bamboozled Budew. (Side note: one may not even be actually looking for a Pokemon in the senario, but randomly come across one in the wild, example: Draco was venturing out of (Insert Town Name Here). While walking along, talking to Ceasar, he heard a sudden rustle in the bushes. Suprising both the Pokemon and the Master, a Budew sprang out of the bush using a viscious leaf blade. Ceasar countered the leaf blade with a water gun, and ceased to proceed attacking until commanded. "Wow, a Budew!" Draco exlamed while softly pulling a pokeball from his pouch.)

Ok, so as you may see, that is an example of "the setting." It clearly describes and INTERACTION, and POKEMON. Once "the setting" is set up, a trainer may proceed to ATTACK and CAPTURE.

2. The Battle: Ok folks, this is where the good RPGers can be separated from the bad RPGers. TRAINERS MUST DESCRIBE THE BATTLE. EVERYONE KNOWS HOW BATTLES WORK IN THE VIDEO GAMES, SO DESCRIBE THE BATTLE LIKE THAT. PEOPLE, BE AN HONEST JUDGE ABOUT LANDED ATTACKS, AND ALSO DESCRIBE THE OPPOSING POKEMON ATTACKS. This type of battle only takes place with ONE person, so you don't have an opposing RPGer. Be an honest and descriptive battler please.

3. Attack and Defend and Pokeball: Doing damage to a Pokemon is the only way to insure a successfull capture. The term "wear down" will be used to describe a Pokemon who has become weak do to battling. There is no damage system, so "wear down" is the term that will be used. LANDING attacks is the only way to "wear down" a Pokemon enough to capture it. NOT EVERY ATTACK CAN HIT!!!!! And, TRAINERS HAVE TO VARY ATTACKS!!!! Different from the game, the attack "mud-slap" can actually do damage or "wear" the Pokemon down. Since we WILL NOT be using a damage system, every attack can "wear" Pokemon down, the creative RPG part is what makes the Attacks and Defends interesting. Also, your Pokemon HAVE to be hit by opposing Pokemon attacks once in a while. When the opposing Pokemon is described as being "worn down" enough to capture, only then can Trainers use Pokeballs. TRAINERS MUST THROW A TYPE OF POKEBALL IN ORDER TO CAPTURE THE POKEMON!

IMPORTANT: THE RPG PART OF THE BATTLE ENDS ONCE THE BALL IS THROWN! The battle capture must be approved by a moderator.

4. The Conclusion and Capture: Once trainers think that they have described a sufficient enough battle and capture, they then must notify a mod to "Analyze the capture," in the "Analyze My Capture" section.
Trainers have to post in the "Analyze My Capture" section the location of their battle, i.e. what section and area the battle is in, the Pokemon they captured, and the Level (view level rule because they are different from the actual video game.) This is what's known as the "Battle Information." Or they can post the link to the battle, which would be much easier for us mods.

Depending on what the mod thinks of how you battled, moderators can say 1 of 3 things:

If a mod says "The Pokemon broke free and got away," then you did not capture the Pokemon, and the battle is over. This could be because the description of the battle was not sufficient, or unrealistic. This is what is known as an "Unsuccessfull Capture."

If a mod says, "The capture was successful, You caught a (Insert Pokemon Name Here)," then you have obtained the Pokemon and may continue to name it and define its gender. POKEMON HAVE TO HAVE A GENDER UNLESS THEY ARE LEGENDARY. This type of capture is known as a "Successfull Capture."

If a mod says "The Pokemon broke free, attack again," then the trainer can continue to attack because the moderator doesn't think the opposing Pokemon is "worn down" enough, and wants the trainer to give it another try. The Trainer continues to attack, and once he or she thinks that the battle is, again, sufficient, then he or she must repost the battle link or "battle information" it in the "Analyze My Capture" section. The mod will continue to approve or dissapprove of the battle. TRAINERS ONLY GET ONE SECOND CHANCE AT CAPTURING THE POKEMON. MODS CANNOT TYPE "The Pokemon broke free, attack again," for a second time when it has already been typed for the same battle once before.

5. Legendary Pokemon Capture: Legendary Pokemon battles MUST BE HIGHLY DESCRIPTIVE, AND HAVE TO BE APPROVED BY EITHER ARASHI, KONORAI, OR MYSELF!!!!! Only ONE of a type of Legendary Pokemon can be captured on this site. It's first come first serve, once a Legendary is captured, it cannot be captured by another member. TRAINERS MUST BE EXPERIENCED!! They cannot be new members, and have to have beaten the Elite 4. Also, certain Legendary Pokemon such as Arceus CANNOT BE CAPTURE DUE TO THE MASSIVE CHEAPNESS AND GOD-MOD POTENTIAL! There will be a separate section for Legendary capture approvals. Go about the battle the same way as a regular battle. "The Setting" must be the certain area the Pokemon is located (I.E. PALKIA AND DIALGA MUST BE CAPTURED ON MT. CORONAT, AND THE SETTING MUST BE DESCRIPTIVE). Trainers also have to venture to the certain place where the Pokemon is located which is an adventure in itself. TRAINERS MUST HAVE KNOWLEDGE OF THE LEGENDARY POKEMON AREA AND LEGENDARY POKEMON IN ORDER TO PROCEED TO THE LEGENDARY POKEMON AREA! This knowledge must be gained while RPGing from different people such as myself, or Arashi, or Konorai, or the other higher ranked RPGers.

Ok, so there are the capturing rules. Have fun capturing the Pokemon of your dreams, AND BE DESCRIPTIVE AND FAIR!!!!! GOOD LUCK!
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Catching Pokemon Rules
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