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 Nimbasa Gym

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Nimbasa Gym Empty
PostSubject: Nimbasa Gym   Nimbasa Gym EmptySun Oct 09, 2011 4:12 pm

Descrption:The Nimbasa Gym is designed like an amusement park, filled with brightly colored neon lights, floating stars and roller coasters. Upon entering the Gym, there is a huge open room, filled with transparent platforms. The roller coasters with in the Gym are scattered around the room, all connected by platforms. The player must find their way around the Gym by walking into the roller coasters cars, in which they are then taken to the next platform. Within several of them, Trainers are hiding, and when the player opens the cars, the Trainer will engage the player in battle. Also, there are several switches around the Gym; these redirect the path of the roller coasters, but many are guarded by Trainers. The final roller coaster slightly differs from the others, featuring a large loop-the-loop, and partially speeds up after a slope before the loop-the-loop.

After navigating through the roller coasters, the player will meet Elesa. She stands on a transparent platform just like the other platforms, which has the Unova Gym logo on it. Behind her is a large circular spinning wheel, but it is just for show, and cannot be interacted with. Once the player has defeated Elesa, a short-cut to the exit of the Gym is available to the left of her.

Gym Leader: Elsa Nimbasa Gym Spr_BW_Kamitsure
Specalizes: Electric types
Badge: Bolt Badge Nimbasa Gym Bolt_Badge
Gender: Female

Pokemon: Emolga Nimbasa Gym 587-ani
Type: Electric/Flying
Abilty: Static
Attacks: Discharge, Acrobatics, Charge Beam , Hidden power (ice)

Pokemon: Galvtunla Nimbasa Gym 596-ani
Gender: Male
Attacks: Electro Ball, Electro Web, Bug Buzz, Energy ball

Pokemon: Tynamo Nimbasa Gym 602-ani
Type: Electric
Nature: Hasty
Abilty: Leviate
Attacks: Tackle, Spark, Thunder Wave, Charge Beam.
Note: Elsa has trainned her Tynamo to have unbelivable speed and power since it has a limited move set.

Pokemon: Zebstrika Nimbasa Gym 523-ani
Abilty: Motor Drive
Attacks: Nitro Charge, Wild Charge, Stomp, Thunder bolt
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Nimbasa Gym
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