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 My Character: Hana

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My Character: Hana Empty
PostSubject: My Character: Hana   My Character: Hana EmptySun Dec 13, 2009 3:28 pm

Character's Name: Hana

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Aspiration: Pokemon Ranger

Appearance: Light blue hair,red eye's and little grey wing's on back.Look's childish yet mature at same time.Hair is long,reaching my 'butt'.Usually seen on a purple blob that float's around.(actually a jelly thingy like in my pic,mom made it for me so yeah..)

Biography: Hana was a simple girl that didn't know much about friend's.She stayed in her house all the time and looked out the window.Her father died in a car accident so she lived with her mother.Yet her mother wasn't really nice after her father's death,Hana didn't bother about it.She went to school like everyone even if she was the outcast of the whole school.In a really sunny day a girl with light pink hair started talking with Hana and they became friend's the girl showed her pokeball's to Hana and she wanted to become a ranger.From then,Hana kept going on contest's and gained more faith in herself.She is still the little emo girl but she doesen't care about it.She care's about her dream.

Personality: As I said above she is the loner type,even if she like's to make friend's she is the quiet one in every group.And like's alot to fight alone not even near other people.

Name: Chimmy
Level: 1
Moves: Scratch and Focus Punch
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My Character: Hana
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