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 Professor Rowan's Laboratory

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Arashi Momochi
Arashi Momochi

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Professor Rowan's Laboratory Starly

Professor Rowan's Laboratory Empty
PostSubject: Professor Rowan's Laboratory   Professor Rowan's Laboratory EmptySun Dec 13, 2009 7:08 pm

The lab of Professor Rowan, the official pokemon scientist of Sinnoh, stands prominently along the Sandgem horizon as one of the most unique and largest buidlings in the town. It is a large and perfectly squared factory with multitudes of glass windows that cath the sun's rays and deflect them in all different directions, giving the buildiing a dazzling and sparkling appearace at times of sunrise and sunset.

However behind the double metal doors, something much more scientific is happening. Rowan's supporting researchers are scurrying about and making final preparations to their newest invention: the pokedex Version 4.0! It is an updated format to the original design created by Professor Oak of Kanto, and has the capacity to hold many more entries for capturing data on new kinds of pokemon in the new and yet to be explored region.

As the researchers finally finish their adjustments to the computer chips, they are placed in the molds of the stylish new look to the pokedex, a turquoise blue for the young male trainers and hot magenta for the young females. Rowan sits behind a desk, cluttered with papers containg rather sloppy scribbles of notes that were quickly jotted down on the three new pokemon he was researching. These pokemon were chosen to be the new starters of the regio: Chimchar, Turtwig, and Piplup. Thus, the new pokedex contains entries for these pokemon already, but the world of Sinnoh still holds many mysteries of pokemon yet to be identified.

So Rowan continues to sit at his desk eagerly awaiting a fresh and new trainer to enter the laboratory and obtain his new pokedex. For it is the generation of youth that will make many discoveries and advance the world of pokemon to a brand new era!
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Taki Kudo

Taki Kudo

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Professor Rowan's Laboratory Empty
PostSubject: Re: Professor Rowan's Laboratory   Professor Rowan's Laboratory EmptySun Dec 27, 2009 4:14 pm

Shiki arrvied at the bulding,the bulding had huge windows and communication devices out said the bulding.''If this place is hightech out side i want to see wants inside'' shiki said with excitment.He's two pokemon Turtwig and Surskit followed shiki eagrley each trying to look in first.
Shiki walked past the door and saw scientist messing with machines and working on pokeballs,There was a older scientist who was looking at a chimchar, piplup,turtwig checking there health.

Shiki turtwig face brighten up and ran over to Turtwig happy to see one of it's on species each eaching a nibble.Surskit was looking at the pipulp which gave a meaqncing glare,Sirskit jumped on my head shivering.the professor turn to second turtwig then to me he said ''yes,can i help you young trainer''?

Shiki turn to professor ''hi i'm a new tranier and i was wondering if i could have a pokedex'' Shiki said cursioly.The professor face chaanged''that's great i see you already have two pokemon i wil have your pokedex ready in a sec''.

professor rowan went in the back and came back with a small package,that hold a tinylight blue pokedex,Rowan handed shiki the pokedex.And eyes from window look angry and ducked away.Shiki took the pokedex and but it in his front pouch of his book bag, ''the pokedex when pointed at a pokemon will tell it's type,but to get more data you have to catch it,for example it would work on your turtwig or surskit''.

''Ok, thank you professor'' shiki said.''no problay, just make sure you try fill it up as fast as you can''.Shiki walked out the institue with his turtwig and surskit behind him heading for jublife city,but a shadow was watching the boy from a far enraged
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Professor Rowan's Laboratory
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