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 Updating Pokemon

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Arashi Momochi
Arashi Momochi

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Updating Pokemon Starly

Updating Pokemon Empty
PostSubject: Updating Pokemon   Updating Pokemon EmptyMon Dec 14, 2009 6:46 pm

Hello, everyone! I hope you are enjoying the site so far. I wanted to make an announcement specifically directed towards those of you who have already had their starting pokemon approved.

I added some new information to the Starter Pokemon section of the character template. All existing character sheets have been updated to match the templates, but some sections are left blank. So I'll ask all members who already have an approved character to check that section of their character sheet and edit it to fill in any missing information. The most common sections are the newly added Gender and Nature.

In addition, the admins are currently working on a pokedex containing entries for all pokemon. These entries will contain the moves each pokemon can learn and at what levels. The movesets for your previously approved pokemon do not have to be changed (or if they're currently blank, filled in) yet, but check the pokedex often to see if your pokemon have been posted so you can update their moves. Once the pokedex is completed, I will post another announcement as a reminder.

Thanks for your cooperation and have fun!!
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Updating Pokemon
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