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 Sandgem Pokemon Mart

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Arashi Momochi
Arashi Momochi

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PostSubject: Sandgem Pokemon Mart   Sat Jan 02, 2010 11:40 pm

As the sliding door closed behind him, Arashi moved forward and neared the woman who manned the front desk. "I can't believe you were out there all by yourself!" she said with a worried smile once he had reached her. Arashi stared at her confused as he reached into his back pocket and pulled out his wallet, imprinted with a pokeball pattern. "What do you mean? What is outside that could be so dangerous?" The woman's draw dropped as if she found it amazing that he had not encountered whatever was worrying her so much.

The woman looked at Arashi solemly. "I'm sure you've seen that no more villagers walk the towns and the sky has gotten very dark. It's the doing of a pokemon known as Darkrai! It attacks any person or pokemon that dare to wander the outside and puts them into a dream-like state." Arashi nodded his head to show the woman that he understood, then disappeared down one of the aisles. He found the shelf that displayed many pokeballs, all in stock because nobody was out to buy. Arashi picked up one pokeball for the Starly and then three more pokeballs to keep on handy in case he encounters any more pokemon that he might want.

While he walked back towards the front desk, he snatched an Awakening from one of the shelves and two potions, in case he ran into the Darkrai on his way back to the pokemon center. Then he checked out with the lady, placing 1,650 Pokedollars on the counter. "Okay, are you ready, Starly?" he said and the wild Starly flew off of his shoulder a took a new seat on the tiled floor. Arashi tossed a pokeball towards it and the pokeball sucked it up with a glowing red light. The pokeball easily shook three times and then ceased, capturing the pokemon. "Waaaaaaah, I caught my first pokemon. I will call you Cookie!!"

Now that he had finally caught the odd-looking Starly, he approached the exit and peered outside into the darkness. "Thank you for the warning. I will be on my best guard." And with his final words he called out the Starly which took its favorite perch on top of his shoulder and they dashed down the street. "I'm sorry, stranger, but you will need more than that to escape the grasps of Darkrai," the woman said after he had left in a soft and solemn manner.
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Konorai Kairo
Konorai Kairo

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PostSubject: Re: Sandgem Pokemon Mart   Sun Jan 03, 2010 12:03 am

As the boy left, Darkrai made his move and the screams of the store owner was heard throughout the streets. Darkrai smirked and followed the boy...

Pokemon do not belong in the hands of those who use them as toys of battle. Rather, the trainer should be able to kill the Pokemon just as easily as the pokemon can kill it's trainer.

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Sandgem Pokemon Mart
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