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 Pokemon Trainer Titles

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Arashi Momochi
Arashi Momochi

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PostSubject: Pokemon Trainer Titles   Pokemon Trainer Titles EmptyMon Jan 11, 2010 6:33 pm

This is a list of all of the titles of Pokemon Trainers that must be at some point filled for the site to function properly. If you would like to become any of these empty titles, send me a PM and I will evaluate if you have the potential to take over that position.

Note that if you are chosen to become a gym leader, your current Pokemon team will automaticaly be replaced by a team of four Pokemon of your choice. These Pomemon, however, have to be all the same element, but the element is also your choice. In addition, you will not be cooped up in a gym forever; instead you may leave your gym and rp freely just like any other player, like Fantina does in the video games. To be considered for a gym leader position you must be an active member on the site, visiting at least once or twice a wekk so that you can take on any challengers. The gyms will be closed until a member takes on a gym leader position in that city.

Also the Elite 4 positions, with th exception of Konorai, are all temporary and may potentially be replaced with actual players if there are lots of members that join the site. These positions may only be filled with players who have completed the gym challenge and collected every badge. Like gym leaders, they are allowed to leave the Elite 4 challenging area nad rp freely. The Pokemon Champion position may only be filled by a member who has collected all eigfht badges and has successfully defeated the Elite 4. After this position has been filled, any member that wants to claim the Champion position for themselves must defeat the Elite 4 AND the exisiting Pokemon Champion.

Elite 4
Pokemon Champion - Konorai Kairo
First Elite 4 - Matsuda Touta
Second Elite 4 - Light Yagami/Misa Amane
Third Elite 4 - Ryuzaki/Beyond
Fourth Elite 4 - Rock Lee Kairo

Gym Leaders
Oreburgh Gym Leader - Empty
Eterna Gym Leader - Empty
Hearthome Gym Leader - Empty
Veilstone Gym Leader - Empty
Pastoria Gym Leader - Empty
Canalave Gym Leader - Empty
Snowpoint Gym Leader - Empty
Sunyshore Gym Leader - Empty

Team Galactic
Leader Cyrus - Bio Walkure
Member Jupiter - Empty
Member Saturn - Empty
Member Mars - Empty

Pokemon Trainer Titles ArashiPlayerCard
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Pokemon Trainer Titles
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