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 Konorai Kairo

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Konorai Kairo
Konorai Kairo

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PostSubject: Konorai Kairo   Konorai Kairo EmptyWed Dec 09, 2009 7:04 pm

Character's Name:Konorai Kairo, Rock Lee Kairo, Light Yagami, Ryuzaki, Beyond Birthday
Age: In order of the names above, 14, 15, 16, 14, 16
Gender: In order of names above, Female, Male, Male, Male, Male
Aspiration: Konorai's: To free all Pokemon from their unworthy trainers.
Lee's: To get Konorai to like him.
Light's: to get Ryuzaki to like him.
Ryuzaki's: To learn more about Beyond.
Beyond: To have extreme fun and find a pokemon that he feels destined to be with.
Konorai: The avatar.
Lee: Konorai Kairo RockLee
Light: Konorai Kairo Raitoindeepthought
Ryuzaki and Beyond: Konorai Kairo L-and-B-ready-for-action-l-vs-beyond-birthday-7657325-500-726
Biography: Konorai and her brother, Lee met Light, Ryuzaki, and Beyond at an orphanage where they would have to live after the deaths of their parents. Light's parents died in all to coincidental accidents, Konorai and Lee's parents were killed in a fire, and Ryuzaki and Beyond's parents were killed in a bombing. The group became friends and quickly took and intrest in people falling asleep with the full moon and not waking up. At that moment, they made a link with the pokemon in question, Darkrai. After leaving the orphange and searching for this pokemon and finding it, they saw it to be waiting there with a small group of other pokemon with a few Master Balls in front of them. They appeared to actually want to be caught, each wanting to be caught by a certain one of them. And their journey in pokemon began. After working their way up, these five became the eliete 4 and champion.
Note that we can mentaly speak with our pokemon.

Personality: Konorai is happy and carefree, and can be serious when she needs to be. Lee is brave and is willing to do anything it takes for Konorai to be happy. Light is agressive and...let's face it, homosexual, goin after Ryuzaki mostly. Ryuzaki and his twin brother, Beyond are both intellegent and are insomniacs. They also have the biggest sweet tooth in the world, more specificly, Beyond likes strawberry jam and Ryuzaki likes strawberries.

Konorai Pokemon: Konorai Kairo 00711
Name: None
Level: 3
Gender: None
Moveset: Dark Void, Nightmare, Dark Pulse, Dream Eater

Rock Lee Pokemon: Konorai Kairo 00714
Name: none
Level: 1
Moveset: Absorb, Megadrain, Bullet Seed, Energy Ball

Light Yagami Pokemon:Konorai Kairo 39010
Name: None
Level: 1
Nature: Quirky
Moveset: Ember, Furyswipes, Firespin, Flame Wheel,
Move used just when he and Light are playing a game. not in battle: Nasty Plot

Ryuzaki and Beyond Pokemon: Konorai Kairo 00712
Name: None
Level: 1
Moveset: Bubble, Mist, Rain Dance, Double Team

PiplupKonorai Kairo 00712
Name: None
Level: 1
Moveset: Fury Attack, Mist, BubbleBeam, Double Team

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Konorai Kairo
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