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 Rolling Dice

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Arashi Momochi
Arashi Momochi

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PostSubject: Rolling Dice   Rolling Dice EmptyThu Feb 04, 2010 7:04 pm

I have just added the function of rolling dice. These dice are used as a random chance within the RPG and serve as two functions: searching for Pokemon in the wild, and status afflictions. To use the dice function: while writing a post, scroll down and find the box that says "Dice Rolls" and select the dice you need from the drop-down list. When you submit your post, a dice will be rolled to give you the result.

1) Searching for wild Pokemon will be implemented shortly. Basically, for every post you make in an area where wild Pokemon are present, you will have to roll the die named after the area you are currently in. The number of your result will correspond to one of the Pokemon that can be found in that area.

For example: Arashi is in Route 201, connecting Twinleaf and Sandgem. When Arashi posts, he will roll the die named "Route 201"; his result is a 2. He then checks the list of Pokemon in that area and looks to see what Pokemon is listed as result 2, which would be Starly. This means that a wild Starly will appear for Arashi's post. He can either choose to KO it or capture it, depending on whether he wants that Pokemon or not, but he -must- KO it to move on if he does not want to capture it.

2) And for status afflictions, there is one die for each affliction result (being stunned from paralysis, staying asleep, etc.) as well as two dice to formulate how many turns Sleep and Confusion will last. If a die has a series of numbers in parenthesis after the die's name, it is an affliction result die; in this case, if the result is the number in parenthesis, that status result affects your Pokemon.

For Example: Arashi's Squirtle is inflicted with the Paralysis status affliction. When it is Arashi's turn to post, he rolls the die named "Paralysis". The result is a 4, meaning Squirtle suffers from the side-effects of Paralysis and Arashi must write his post according to this result.

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Rolling Dice
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