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PostSubject: Nosat .   Nosat     . EmptyWed Dec 09, 2009 7:48 pm

Character's Name: Nosat
Age: 10
Gender: Male
Aspiration: He hopes to help people by helping them out of forests and caves
Appearance: My character has brown hair and blue eyes. He likes to wear a shirt with a map of Sinnoh on it, and a blue jacket overtop of it. He wears jeans. He wears black sneakers. He usually has a holster with a flare gun, and a rope as if it were a sash.

Biography: He grew up watching news reports about missing people, and wanted to prevent that from happening to people. When he was eight he heard that he had to wait until he was thriteen to help people, but he didn't want to wait, so he ran away, and captured a pokemon by force, then put it in a pokeball. then, after two years he finally got a flare gun and a rope. He usually hangs around forests rather than caves, since there are nicer pokemon there.

Personality: He has a wierd personality, I think an emoticon set could show you his emotions, most common to least common--> Very Happy Neutral Mad affraid confused lol!

Name: Flamer
Level: 1
Moveset: Tackle, Tail Whip

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Nosat .
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