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 Pokemon Careers

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PostSubject: Pokemon Careers   Pokemon Careers EmptyWed Feb 17, 2010 12:52 am

For anyone who would like additional information about any of the Pokemon aspirations that your character can set as their goal, please refer to the following careers below.


Trainers are probably the most frequented career in the Pokemon world out of all of the aspirations. Becoming a trainer means collecting as many Pokemon as you can and creating a strong team which you can pit off against the Gym Leaders of the region you choose to travel in. Trainers collect Gym Badges, won by defeating a Gym Leader in battle, and one Gym Leader is stationed in each major city for a total of eight. Once a trainer has defeated all eight Gym Leaders an collected all of the Gym Badges, it is a trainer's duty to report to the Elite 4 at Victory Road and challenge the greatest trainers in the world, the Elite 4 for one final battle to become a Pokemon Champion. Pokemon Champions are the top trainers in a region, and it is every trainers goal to become a world-renowned Champion.

Coordinators are popular among the Pokemon World also and, like Trainers, work hard to collect many different species of Pokemon. Different from trainers, however, coordinators specialize in developing only one or two of their Pokemon and work side-by-side with this partner to develop outstanding visual effects. Coordinators then enter in contests and attempt to dazzle Contest Judges in competition with other coordinators. The winner of a Contest receives a ribbon, and collecting five ribbons grants a coordinator entry into the Grand Festival, a popular celebration and one final Contest to decide who is the Top Coordinator of the region. The Top Coordinator is awarded the Ribbon Cup.

Rangers are considered to be the caretakers of all of the wild Pokemon throughout all of the regions in the Pokemon World. Rangers do not catch Pokemon using pokeballs, but rather specialize in rescuing Pokemon in need or freeing them from criminals who are trying to destroy the wildlife. Pokemon rangers may be seen carrying around a partner Pokemon, which is one Pokemon that the ranger has a particularly strong bond with. Together with this partner Pokemon, the ranger watches over the well-being of wild Pokemon. At times a ranger may require the assistance of a wild Pokemon, for example a water Pokemon to douse a forest fire. Using a tool called a stylus, the ranger can emit feelings of friendship to that Pokemon and it will temporarily listen to the ranger's orders until it is released to return to the wild again.

Pokemon Breeders are different from the previous Pokemon careers. Instead of concentrating on collecting or observing many different Pokemon species, a breeder focuses on only a few types of Pokemon, usually their favorite. Breeders will mate promising parents of this species of Pokemon in attempts of hatching an egg that will give them the perfect Pokemon. Breeders tend to carry around many Pokemon of the same species or duplicates of a species. They are not interested in collecting Ribbons or Badges, but instead make a goal to collect Pokemon.

Team Rocket/Galactic
Team Rocket, or Team Galactic in the Sinnoh Region, is a band of criminals who take pride in stealing Pokemon from their devoted caretakers. Usually led by a single leader or small group of leaders, Teams Galactic and Rocket frequently plan out maneuvers to steal many different types of strong Pokemon, and are wanted in regions all across the Pokemon World. Team Rocket and Galactic members are given a Pokemon to begin with, but usually acquire more by taking them from trainers or coordinators rather than catching Pokemon themselves.

Pokemon Careers ArashiPlayerCard
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Pokemon Careers
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