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 Miharu's House

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Miharu Yumi

Miharu Yumi

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PostSubject: Miharu's House   Miharu's House EmptyWed Apr 21, 2010 9:30 pm

Miharu felt a warmth begin to hurt on her arm. Her eyes cracked open...UGH what time is it?! she glanced at her arm to see Kyu there. She smiled fondly and sat up scooping Kyu into her arms. The burn wasnt that bad and she had grown used to it. Miharu glanced at her clock seeing it was about time for her to get up anyway.
She stood up stretching in her baggy red pants and oversize black shirt. She ripped open her red floor length curtains, effectively blinding her "GAH" she yelled tripping into a wall. she walked down her wooden stairs to her breakfast table. sighing she reached into the cubboard to kyus breakfast, filling her specail bowl and setting her down next to it. She smiled as she saw her begin to wolf it down like always.
After eating and cleaning up she scooped up Kyu and headed towards the bathroom for a shower.
She stared at her reflection in the mirror taking in the huge ragged scars that littered her body.Her snow white hair hung wet and limp in her face the bright crimson of her eyes glowing through, she hated herself.
Why did she deserve to live alone and worthless in this world when her whole family had to be slaughtered? A warmth at her feet made her glance away from the mirror snapping her trance. Kyu was snuggling to her ankle. She scooped her onto the sink. They went through thta routine everyday. Kyu was the only family she had left.
Miharu rubbed Kyu down, brushing her short glossy fur into shape. Kyus face was one of pure bliss while she stretched out. Miharu finally fastened a a crimson ribbon around kyus neck dropping her to the floor while she got ready.
she dried her hair and pushed into a bsic shape, preferring to let the wind style it. She pulled on her baggy white shoets and laced up her favorite pair of scuffed up crimson combat boots. She slipped her shirt on, filling her pockets with her usual assortment of accesories and essentials. She looked in the mirror, happy her scars were covered up.
She walked downstairs and called kyu who trotted up to her. Lets go she said. Kyu yipped happily in response. She opened her black front door to see that while she had gotten ready it had started to drizzle and the sky had gone a nice shade of grey. It didnt look like it was going to let up soon either. She loved these gloomy and cold days. "Delightful" she said smiling stepping out into the calming and cooling rain. Kyu following happily.
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Miharu's House
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