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PostSubject: Jubilife Gateway   Jubilife Gateway EmptySun Jun 20, 2010 2:28 pm

"Wow~ Jubilife looks so different at night!" Matsuda commented. "You know, I was thinking-" Misa began before Beyond interrupted, "That's hard to believe." She ignored that and continued, "Let's go get Jigglypuff all dressed up, then go the radio station so she can sing to everyone listening to the radio!". I looked around, all the signs and buildings lit up at night and would make everything easier to find. "Oh my goodness, Misa said something that was actually smart." Light said in disbelief. now very irritated, Misa slapped Light, picked up the Jigglypuff and left. "Let's go make you a star Jigglypuff and then we'll send you back to your home." she said, storming off in anger. We all followed, because Misa was already a singer, she'd know where the radio station was.

Pokemon do not belong in the hands of those who use them as toys of battle. Rather, the trainer should be able to kill the Pokemon just as easily as the pokemon can kill it's trainer.

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