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Arashi Momochi
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PostSubject: Sandgem Gateway   Sandgem Gateway EmptySat Jan 02, 2010 1:08 pm

Arashi and Shiiro moved out of the grassy fields of Route 201 ans sunk into the soft soil of the dirt roads of Sangem Town. After passing under a high wooden archwat with blue painted letters, the two were officially in Sandgem Town. Arashi held his Squirtle cradled into his arms; the Bidoof from the field had dealt a lot of damage to him, an he was on the virge of fainting. Luckily, they had not run into any more wild pokemon on their way to the village. Starly now unmounted from its perch on Arashi's shoulder and excercised its wings wildly as it flapped around above him.

"We should probably head to the pokemon center first," Shiiro suggested. "I don't want you carrying around an injured pokemon." Arashi turned and looked down the long town street. He had heard about pokemon centers before, but never actually seen one and didn't know what to look for. The Pokemon Mart was a few buildings down fro mthe gate, he could tell by the blue roof ad the sign which read, "Pokemon Mart". "There it is!" Shiiro exclaimed after a couple of minutes, pointing to a rather large building with a bright red roof. Starly landed once again on Arashi's shoulder, and he and Shiiro dashed down the street in the direction of the Pokemon Center.
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Sandgem Gateway
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