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 Miharu Yumi

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Miharu Yumi

Miharu Yumi

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PostSubject: Miharu Yumi   Miharu Yumi EmptyWed Apr 21, 2010 7:44 pm

Character's Name: Miharu Yumi

Age: 15

Gender: Female
Aspiration: Pokemon Coordinater because she loves kawaii pokemon that kick ass

Appearance: Miharu has choppy white hair with bangs that swoop across her forehead. Het hair choppily get shorter the farther back you go. Miharu has red tinged eyes that change depending on her mood, ending in bright crimson when pissed. She has pale skin that is riddled with scars. Miharu is just over 5"4 and has a slender but curvaceous body. SHer sharp features make her seem intimidating and cold to peple but if you know her you realize that this isnt always the case.he wears Baggy whit shorts that are secured to her leg near the bottom. These have many pockets hiding various weapons and usually pokemon treats, bows, and brushes. She wears a crimson shirt that slowly shades lighter that is crossed across her chest and cut into triangles as sleeves. The sleeves go to her fingertips hiding pokeballs and usually a snack. These also help hide the raised ropy scars cut across her forearma and to her chest. She has 1 inch of claws that extend over the fingernails. She wears crimson combat boots that are scuffed from kicking many a shin.

Biography: Miharus family were all mercilessly slaughtered by a rival familhy in the woods. Miharus mama used the last of her strength to get Miharu and Kyu out alive, but not before she recieved extensive injuries to her upper body. She arrived at Twinleaf drenched in blood and severly traumatised by witnessing her familys slaughter. She clutched a small Cyndaquil to her chest snapping and growling at anyone who tried to seperate the two. Her body tried to deal with the mental and physical repercussions. She was eventually cleared for citizenship in the town but people knocked her down and called her orphan and all other types of words. When she joined the acadamey she was quiet as ever but slowly came out of her shell and little by little is returning to her old self. she is feircly protective of her pokemon, especially Kyu who her mother gave to her when she was 3 as her first pokemon. The Yumis learned how to contact pokemon mentally. Using this as a way to communicate and better understand all pokemon. Her family were very pokemon orientated and she was raised loving all of them and living in harmony with them and trating them with respect. Miharu wants to become top pokemon coordinater to carry on her familys name and make her mama proud if she was still alive.

Personality: Miharu is a carefree, hyperactive girl. She was one a shy pushover but eventually learned to fight back. she is usually overconfident and somehow usually can back up her talk. She is feircly protective and refuses to let anyone hurt anybody close to her. Miharu likes to be spontaneous and plan things at the last minute usually coming out on top. Piss her off and face her wrath, usually keeping years at a time long revenges. She is severly smart and likes to point out peoples stupidity and their poor grammar. If she is not being mentally challenged or somehow motivated, she will not waste her time with it. Miharu likes to cause awkward moments and laugh and inappropriate times. Miharu knows how to annoy people to no end just to see them mad and thanks her ADHD for that. Vulgar language and perverted thoughts are her forte. Due to her foxish ways she is devious and sly, often pulling pranks to epic proportions. She likes cuddling pokemon to her chest even if that means a burnt top. Her pokemon see a rare side of her that noone else will including her being actually nice and putting their needs before her own. From her own experiences she refuses to let anyone be bullied or hurt and will do whatever it takes to protect the people close to her.

Starter Pokemon: Cyndaquil

Nickname: Kyu-Kyu

Level: Level 1

Gender: Female

Nature: Naughty

Moves: Ember, Tackle
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Arashi Momochi
Arashi Momochi

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PostSubject: Re: Miharu Yumi   Miharu Yumi EmptyWed Apr 21, 2010 7:47 pm

Approved! I'm so excited! ^^

Miharu Yumi ArashiPlayerCard
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Miharu Yumi
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