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 Arashi's House

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Arashi Momochi
Arashi Momochi

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PostSubject: Arashi's House   Arashi's House EmptyMon Dec 14, 2009 12:55 am

A tap upon the wooden planks of Arashi's front door disturbed Arashi from his mid-day snoozing. The short sequence of knocks was followed later by a voice Arashi recognized as his friend Shiiro, beckoning to him to g outside in a manner similar to this: "Hey Arashi! You still sleeping? Seriously, It's already one o'clock! Get your butt out here now!!" After a few moments of complaining grumbles, Arashi rubbed the remaining fatigue from his still-closed eyes before sitting up in his bed.

Slowly one of his eyelids peeled upward and the iris of his crystal blue eye caught a ray of sunshine which streamed through a crack in the curtains, and sparkled wildly; soon the second eye also became visible. Arashi breathed in deeply then exhaled heavily in the form of a depressed sigh. Today would not be a good day, he could tell already. He lifted his hand to the top of his head to smooth out some of the chunks of hair that stuck up awkwardly.

Arashi then hoisted himself off the side of his bed and strode over to the closet which contained some of his favorite articles of clothing. The ones he chose to wear today were a deep blue jacket that he pulled onto his arms. Peering down, he grabbed ahold of the golden zipper and pulled it upwards only halfway. Next he fastened a blue scarf around his neck in several circling motions. The scarf was soft under his rough fingertips, made out of a material similar to cotton or silk. Finally he pulled a pair of denim jeans up across his legs and topped them with a pair of worn boots.

He flashed a quick smile into his mirror, showing a sharp vampire fang, before dashing down the staircase with a large racket, eventually swinging open his front door to meet face to face with Shiiro. "Took you enough time." Shiiro muttered under his breath, yet still loud enough for Arashi to hear. Arashi pretended not to hear and pushed the comment from his mind with a bright smile as he scrathced his head nervously. "Let's head to the lake." Shiiro spoke with a gesture which incorporated the full length of his arms. "It's been such a long time since we've been there last, hasn't it?" He continued behind grinning teeth.

Shiiro's hair was pale blonde in color, but not bright. It flared in small spikes in several places around his head and still somehow managaed to lay semi-flat. A large portion of hair hung down and partially covered up his ears. He had a larger nose and thicker lips than most people, which added to his uniqueness. He was wearing a tri-colored jacket, which had three sections of colors that went: red, white, orange. Around the neck of the jacket were huge spikes of whit fur that seemed sharp enough to puncture one's skin, although that were actually quite soft. Underneath the jacket was just a plain white shirt. To top of his appearance was a pair of golden headphones, which he was always seen wearing.

The two began to walk down the dirt road towards the end of the town. Twinleaf Town consisted of many wide, open fields that sprawled out in billowing waves of grass. The fields were boxed in by tall trees on all sides except for a small clearing that led to Route 201, the destination of the two boys. arashi spoke in a reminiscent tone towards his friend, "Yeah, I guess it has been a while. I remember we used to sit along the shore every day as little kids." "Yes, I remember." Shiiro answered. "And I wanted to see if it looks the same as how I remember it."

Arashi's stomach grumbled abruptly and cut off the conversation. Arashi had skipped dinner the night before and never had a chance to grab breakfast. "Well since you're making me go, I guess you have to buy me breakfast!" Arashi chuckled. Shiiro smiled also and gave his friend a playful shove which knocked Arashi out of balance and he stumbled to the side a little. They spotted a cafe along the side of the road and veered off their path to get a bite to eat before their trip.
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Arashi's House
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